Monday, April 27, 2009

A Hundred Days!


One hundred days, a hundred ways to report, to broadcast, to spin, to analyze. The news cycle is relentless in its focus on Roosevelt and Obama. Today is Monday, but not just any Monday. No, it is Day 98 since George Bush handed the baton to Barack Obama at High Noon, before that ocean of people on the Washington Mall. And this is The Hundred Days Week, culminating on Wednesday, April 29th, 2009.

A whole lot of bunk in my personal opinion.

I was an active campaigner in the election. If anyone would poll me today, I would answer “Yes, the country, I think, is moving now in a pretty good direction.” However, when asked how I think the President is doing overall, I respond “Let’s see after six months. It’s still really early to tell.” That makes it around July 20th for a first assessment for this first non-white chief executive.

Like with an ordinary life, progress or decline takes years to matter. Just ask those discredited financial advisors. "Look at the track record," they intone. I was a runner decades ago. From age 14 to 22 I set few records, but won some races. Now I like to look back and remember the victories and skip over the defeats in those years.

So I offer the blogosphere and the “wise men and women” of journalism this counsel. Let’s give the guy six months. Talk and write to me about the Obama Administration in the midst of Next Summer in America.

This is Gordon Prickett, tweeting, posting and speaking from Nordland Township in Minnesota’s Aitkin County. That’s flyover land where one state still has but one senator.


Kathleen Lordbock said...

Gord - thought I would fly over and leave you a comment too, since you left one on mine.
Apparently you think that real estate salespeople are not qualified to talk about politics. Would my Masters in Education help?

Gord said...

Thanks, Kathleen. I welcome your comment. Most of the time noone bothers to respond, and a writer - like a KAXE on-air programmer -wonders if anyone is out there. Though your opinion appears to differ from mine - about the need for federal government bailouts, I respect your right to voice your views. I cannot forget that the bursting housing bubble was a trigger in this market collapse. The cleanup has been painful and expensive. Also, as we can attest here, it's controversial.