Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Era of Good Feelings: Days, Months, Years?

"What has He Done?" the blogger writes. Then answers her question about the Hundred Days report card that media types are flogging this week. In this posting, the real estate professional, an active citizen, parent, and volunteer, is critical of the heavy role of government that the new president has signaled in his first hundred days. She worries that our beliefs might be changed by this organizer, this change agent from Illinois.

I have commented and posted here about giving some more time to this guy - don't rush to judgement. Senators are being added to the Democratic Caucus every day, it seems. Today Specter, someday Franken. The next big Congressional test won't be quite so difficult when it comes to vote-counting.

But the rhetoric from the real estate industry, the ActiveRain Corporation - the world's largest real estate network - was too much for me on this hundredth day.
The Brainerd Lakes Real Estate blogger had gotten me searching in the background of this post. Who is Jackie Cushman? Are there signs for "Keller Williams" like there are for Edina Realty and Century 21?

So here is Comment 1 to the April 29 posting that I wrote:

"I have given my opinion elsewhere - about the hasty hundred days analysis by pundits and "experts." See But I just have to remark here that reading the views of real estate sales people and mortgage lenders about "economics:" deficit spending, financial stimulus, unemployment, tax policy, and fiscal policy; is a lot like listening to Dick Cheney talk about torturing detainees to protect this country from all those evil empires and evildoers everywhere.

Let's all go wash our hands. We can prevent some cases of flu, at least.
Gord Prickett, P.E."

That last remark is my aknowledgment that I, for one, did not speak out enough, have not done everything I could have, to prevent the deep hole we find ourselves in.
In Minnesota, the United States, on Earth. I have prejudices. I am partisan.

But I just hope that by mid-summer we might find our country entering another Era of Good Feelings. In the interval 1817 to 1823 under President James Monroe, there was a diminished amount of partisanship in the federal government. The Federalists were fading, and regional politics had quieted down. Monroe, the Virginian, even traveled to visit the northernmost states.

I certainly would welcome such an Era in these united states. With Salesmen and Craftsmen, Farmers and Lawyers, Loggers and Dentists, Engineers and Bankers, Teachers and Architects. Yes, maybe we can make it so.

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