Wednesday, July 13, 2016


My column for the Aitkin Independent Age speaks today July 13th about the turbulence of these times.  Killings, protests, massive demonstrations from East to West Coast.  The question has been asked for decades now, "Can we just get along?"

Well it's time again in 2016 to elect a national leader.  The method we use in the U.S. is far from satisfactory.  Our politics is strangely set up this summer to pit an experienced woman against a 70-year-old male celebrity with habits of delivering insults and provocations.  Plus absolutely no background of elective office or governmental anything.

With the recurring problems of violence, racism, sexism, and lack of economic opportunity in America, I conclude that no, we probably can't get along.  The only thing I found for a topic of general agreement in my column was abundant clean water.  Yes, I'll drink to that!

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