Monday, April 6, 2015


For some time I have believed that "Our best days" have passed, despite what political candidates say every four years.  The list of unsolved problems in our nation and in our world grows every year.  In previous postings on this blog I have taken a look at them: severe income inequality, unreformed immigration, the Middle East in combat from Turkey to Pakistan, nuclear Israel wanting Iran pacified.  And a globe that continues heating up from human indifference.

The Big Things that America has done include Ike's Interstate Highway System, JFK's exploration of the Moon, LBJ's Medicare and Medicaid and a Voting Rights Act.  With Nixon we got a Clean Water and Clean Air Act.

Obama has tried hard to reform Healthcare and defuse Iran's nuclear ambition with diplomacy.  But a Congress with conservatives hell-bent on defeating this Democrat at any cost, are showing the world that in this Century, despite our affluence and raw power, we are unable to function as a government of the people who reside here.

How to stop this decline?  Well, for starters we must acknowledge it.  Then hold those we elect accountable for their actions.  We can speak, blog, and broadcast.  Write, organize, and vote.  A wise person has said that the world is run by those who show up.  It's our  challenge for today.

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