Saturday, September 18, 2010

He's Not Going to Leap Tall Buildings Any Time Soon

When we elected President Obama there were many reactions across America. From elation to fear - few were in the middle. In fact, where has the "Middle" gone in this Country?

Poverty statistics just released, report that in the U.S. poverty now defines one out of every seven of us. The "Middle Class" is fought over by politicians hoping for their middle class votes on November 2nd. Reporters announce that ordinary citizens are falling out of this Middle Class. Unemployed, under-employed, underwater in their home mortgages, in foreclosure, insecure in their current jobs, uncovered for health care, maxed-out on their credit cards, ad infinitum...

If you have been listening, you also know about the top one or two percent on the other end of the economic spectrum. These Bandits - who gave us the Wall Street Collapse of 2008 - are making out like never before. My realtor friend Bob tells me "Cash is King. For 25 to 40 cents on the dollar you can buy up the best lakeshore homes that are in forced sales today."

Why hasn't our President fixed all this? Just look what Democratic President Franklin Roosevelt did in 1933-34: CCC Camps, Workers Progress Administration (WPA), National Recovery Act, Social Security (although that didn't happen until 1935).

So the pundits agree. Obama will lose the Congress in this mid-term election, at least the House of Representatives, because "the American People are mad as hell, and aren't going to take this high unemployment, overspending, and weak economic recovery anymore!"

And all the Spending! Our National Debt is out of control. Wars are still going on in Iraq and Afghanistan. He wants to raise my taxes! (at least he won't restore the 2001 temporary tax cuts) And he's giving us government-run Obamacare!

So let's TEA Party and start over, American People!

I am amazed at what I am hearing from the usual commentators from every source.
That the Republicans will win this mid-term election because the Democrats have failed to please. The inconvenient truth in Washington is this: Noone we elect will be "faster than a speeding bullet." If you want a Superman, buy a vintage comic book.

But do reflect on where we are in the Fall of 2010, and where we were in Fall 2008.
And then go on and vote... early and once.

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