Friday, July 23, 2010

Dan Schorr and the News

This Saturday will have a hole in NPR's Weekend Edition a little after 8 a.m., in my time zone. For a long time I have arranged to be by a radio when Scott Simon would bring Dan Schorr to us for a review of what was the important news in the week just passed. With insight and clarity formed from his years of digging into the mistakes committed by the highest in the land, Dan Schorr would lay out the essential facts, the motives behind them, and the likely consequences of current events.

He was a superior news analyst in this age when "info-tainment" and youthful looks are offered up by commercial broadcasting, and when news magazines and newspapers are cutting out so much content that one can hardly locate or recognize serious news or thoughtful commentary.

Dan Schorr never feared to report a story on the air or in print, and he inspires those of us who listened and learned from him to keep asking questions. Get the answers and tell the story. Thank you, Dan Schorr.

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