Thursday, November 19, 2009

Multi-Tasking - Not Easy, but Required

The President is in China. Now South Korea.

The FAA or somebody has screwed up the airline scheduling, causing delays.

My flu vaccine just arrived at the local hospital - the regular kind, not H1N1. I'll be age 74 next week, do I need the Swine Flu Vaccine also? Why do we have the vaccines made abroad, with ancient technique, and by only one company?

What's happening with financial reform in Congress? Why not bust up those monster banks that got TOO BIG TO FAIL. We need Teddy Roosevelt back to life to be a Trustbuster again and lead some more Conservation in this country!

And Climate Change/Clean Energy Legislation. Didn't Congressman Waxman get a bill through the House with his name on it?

Can't the United States Senate do anything at all, except talk and stall? Maybe 60 votes this weekend will bring the Reid Bill onto the floor for a debate.

Before President Obama went to Asia he was all set to announce his decision about Afghanistan-Pakistan and the war over there. The General on the scene wants boots - more boots on his ground. But where will more troops come from, that aren't already burned out from too many and too frequent deployments?

Doesn't the shooting at Fort Hood give us any clues about being sent into a nine-year-old war zone? Is anybody listening to our shrinks? Or have the military all gotten head trauma?

And what about universal military service? Draft the kids of the upper classes, and see how long these military campaigns will continue to escalate.

Did America ever need more "nation-building" .... at home? The Civilian Conservation Corps would be a great idea for 2010-2013. An economic stimulus towards a recovery, with useful paid work.

Next week, November 26th is a day to give thanks. I am thankful for the love of family and friends, for food on our table with a birthday cake for me and my sister, and for a president who thinks before he speaks.

In my opinion, he's leading us towards a more secure and hopeful future. And multi-tasking awfully well.


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