Saturday, October 31, 2009

Crunch Time - Stand Up, Be Counted!

Health Care, Health Insurance Reform, Universal Coverage, Affordable and Cost-Controlled. Whatever the name, the "issue" is now in the form of a bill in Congress to vote on.

Millions and millions of dollars have been spent to influence your opinion. Every night on the tube some pathetic elderly person pleads for her "Medicare Advantage."

Months of debate, Tea Parties, Town Meetings, demonstrations, talking heads and opinion pieces in every media format have told us about the "Health Care Crisis."

Number One on President Obama's domestic agenda, it has taken Spring, Summer, and Fall to reach this decision point. By Veteran's Day the Speaker of the House plans to bring the debate to a vote. The Senate Majority Leader has a companion bill looking for sixty votes to override those who would kill this reform measure.

Here is a brief segment from Princeton Economics Professor Paul Krugman's Friday column in the New York Times:

"For this is the moment of truth. The political environment is as favorable for reform as it's likely to get. The legislation on the table isn't perfect, but it's as good as anyone could reasonably have expected. History is about to be made - and everyone has to decide which side they are on."

How about you? Tell Jim Oberstar and both our Senators what you want them to do.

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