Saturday, October 18, 2014


Putting It Back Together: U S A

Most of what we lack today is hope and courage.
Today's news and commentary make dismal reading.

What has happened to America?  To US?
Are we in the Arena?  Let's make sure.  Let's take stock.
Let's remember what we've been given.

At home and in our neighborhood let's listen hard, do right.
And offer to help.

With what we have let's share.
And when we speak, think first: is it true? is it wise? is it helpful?

Greed and hate have no place.
Other ideas, other people deserve respect - until they trample on it.

Elections are coming - our chance to change leaders.
Look behind all the money; look for respect in the speeches.

Is war breaking out again?  Our warriors and police protect us,
but require close oversight.

Let's vow to hope and dare more - and believe that we can
overcome this time of disappointment.

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