Friday, September 6, 2013

TITLE: WAR CRIMES The Middle East has been the site of conflict since the end of World War II. As the British Empire was being dismantled, with France and Germany crippled from their defeats, the United States emerged as the guarantor of freedom for oppressed peoples in this region. President Truman with Congressional support acted in the creation of the State of Israel. But displaced Palestinian Arabs never were incorporated into an autonomous State of Palestine. The Great Powers in the League of Nations and in the United Nations had drawn borders across this region and enforced their mandates during most of the Twentieth Century. In 2013 we are living with the consequences of age-old hostilities where tribal religions have intersected and clashed - Muslims, Jews, and Christians. Contrary to the teachings of these three great religions, there has been unending and fierce hatred, fear, and brutal conflict during much of the last century. Today the United States government is debating its response to the use of sarin, a poisonous nerve gas, in the two-year civil war in Syria. The nuclear powers of Israel, Russia, and the USA are weighing in on this action. Neighboring countries of Lebanon, Turkey, Iraq, Iran, Israel, Palestine, Jordan, Egypt, and Saudi Arabia are involved with refugees and spill-over consequences to their vital interests. Is death by poison gas the most heinous act possible in this conflict? What about the delivery of nuclear explosives and radiation? Civilian loss of life through the use of Predator Drones and the delivery of Tomahawk Missiles on any target in Syria is certain. Is America policeman to the world, or are we a member of a union of civilized nations? I oppose a military strike into Syria at this time, under the present circumstances.

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