Monday, May 20, 2013

Title: BEST DAYS What about government today? It's at the Federal level where I declare my opinion of No Confidence. Last week five presidents met in Dallas to open the George W. Bush Library. In his remarks the last President Bush repeated his view that "America's best days lie ahead." I am not convinced. Maybe this week is better than last week because Congress just took another of its frequent recesses. The future is unknowable. So when will we see - or did we see - America's Best Days? The government in Washington is unusually inept right now. The current Congress cannot pass a budget, is unable to close a prison in Cuba, unable to address the firearms epidemic that threatens public safety. This Congress is a disgrace. The global climate is in peril, but ultra conservative radicals in the Republican Party deny scientific evidence and block any action to address the danger. With high permanent unemployment across the nation, Congress has sequestered federal spending which harms children, the elderly, and slows down our recovery from the Great Recession. All that the majority in the House of Representatives favors is cutting taxes and shrinking the size of government. This is not a path to "best days in America." Unless the many wackos and corporate lackeys are voted out of Congress and sensible replacements can be found, our Worst Days could be just ahead. This was first posted Thursday, May 2, 2013, on "A Navy Vet's Opinion of Government and Opportunity."

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