Tuesday, December 25, 2012


The news this year has not inspired confidence in America's governance or in the outlook for a troubled globe. I continue to frame my views of events as one who served his country while young. Now as an older guy, my experiences in industry and politics have helped to inform my viewpoint here in the North Country. These are some selected postings from "The Opinions of a Navy Vet." April 17 TAXES ARE PAID May 25 AMERICA'S BEST DAYS June 2 MERCHANTS OF DEATH June 10 POLITICAL MONEY June 27 THE SIZE OF GOVERNMENT July 4 THE JOB CREATION MYTH July 28 ELECTIONS - FIXING GOVERNMENT September 6 BROKEN POLITICS September 15 A DIPLOMAT HAS DIED September 22 THE 47 PER CENT November 3, 21 THE PEOPLE DECIDE, CONSEQUENCES December 8 FISCAL BUNK These commentaries are found on this blog, http://deregulate-gord.blogspot.com.

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