Saturday, November 3, 2012


Tens of millions of dollars of political TV advertising are assaulting us as we search for entertainment in these pre-election days. You don't need to be a "Fact Checker" to identify some downright scarey stuff on the tube - over and over again! For much of it we can thank a Supreme Court that invited unlimited and anonymous money into the election. (Note: the future President appoints any new justices.) Is the voting public able sort out what they need to know to cast an informed ballot? Or has this democracy morphed into a government of the money, by the money, and for the money? Shifting TV focus for now - to the terrible destruction seen on the Atlantic Coast, where surging waters and driving winds have punished millions, and shown a nation what the future could look like. This image could radically change a "Climate of Denial" in America. Denial of climate change by Washington politicians killed action in Congress on "Cap and Trade" legislation a few years ago. These deniers insist that overwhelming majorities of respected climate scientists are mistaken when they they conclude that the globe is warming, that polar ice caps are melting, and that coastal regions are in jeopardy from rising sea level. (Like New York City and Eastern New Jersey) Today's political candidates don't all "deny" climate change phenomena. But most of them from both major parties have ignored it! However, Governor Christie and Mayor Bloomberg cannot ignore or deny the extreme weather that scientists predicted would come our way. The issue that was absent all year is now cruelly in front of everyone. So in just two days the people will decide. Which President? Which Congress? Which Legislature? What kind of campaign do we want next time? If you can decide, go and vote.

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