Monday, December 26, 2011


As I followed the current news from different sources and varying perspectives this year I tried to frame my own take on events and trends on this blog covering major happenings. In 2011 I have posted 15 entries under the title "The Opinions of a Navy Vet." Looking back at these postings, it was pretty bleak. Let's hope we all can do better in 2012.

January 28 We Used to do Big Things
February 5 Recovery? Hardly
February 18 Are We a Selfish Society?
February 25 Our War Budget must be Trimmed
March 26 They Really Are Making This Up

May 1 Distracted? Yes
May 9 Can We Learn Anything New?
May 28 Words Matter, A Lot
June 25 The Whining States of America
July 9 The Last Big Thing

July 31 Kicking the Country Down the Road
September 10 Looking for Work In America
September 20 Palestine and Israel
October 22 More Gridlock in 2012
November 19 The Decline and Fall

These brief commentaries are found on this blog. That's


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