Saturday, October 22, 2011


The media pundits are puzzled. The Occupiers of Wall Street are a disorganized bunch. Hanging out in Manhattan week after week in ever larger numbers. Their slogans have spread all the way to Brainerd, Minnesota, and lately to the Nebraska prairie. It is outrage and desperation. Suppose you had been promised a job or a mortgage with low down payment. Then find out that it was a scam. No job, no housing.

Adults in America have never faced today's economic hardships. Here is the richest country in history, and it can't keep school teachers on the job!
A country that refuses to tackle its problems of corroded pipelines and unsafe bridges. This "arsenal of democracy," has spent the last decade borrowing to wage three wars and build enormous supplies of weaponry and armies of troops to invade whoever it wants.

Big industry profits from these hostilities. Small towns, urban slums, and rural America have sent their sons and daughters to fight and die in undeclared wars. Now that they have tallied the cost of this wartime spending, Congress is crying out to cut spending, cut taxes again, close the deficit, and reduce social spending for seniors and the disabled.
If you are not outraged yet, you are not informed. You have been distracted. It will not be enough to vote again for "change" in the general election twelve months from now. Billions will be spent to show you how to vote.

Those in power have already come up with voter distractions - requirements by the states for picture ID to end non-existent voter fraud, and ballot issues about homosexuals getting married. The two polarized political parties are at war with each other.

Do not expect a change to this gridlock in 2012. I believe it will take nothing less than a new birth of democracy, action and demonstrations, to fix what is wrong with the USA.

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