Sunday, July 31, 2011


It is a bad dream that was no dream. Today the question out of Washington D.C. is "Will the Country Survive August?" After listening to a 30-minute review Friday night on PBS of the chaos and shouting in the House of Representatives, I retired to a sleep with nightmares. I thought it was the pain medication, but then I awoke and heard morning news. It is getting worse by the hour.

Not only is the leadership of both houses inept, but the members are unable to work together lest the right side of the aisle get voted out of office by more extreme partisans in the Republican Primary Elections of 2012! Heaven help Senate Minority Leader McConnell if he does anything that helps President Obama in any way. For we all know that his stated number one priority is the defeat of the President in the next election - and has been since the inaugural. Negotiating with this guy is talking into concrete.

So where does America stand on the last day of July in the year 2011? The country that can't write checks in two days? Elections are fifteen months away.

Out here in the world of farms and forests, factories and shops, we have just about had it with the power elite that stole the housing market, killed the construction industry, and asks us to go on believing that they can run things. Yes, they can. Into the ground.

Here at the grass roots and coffee shops, church basements and barber shops, we need new ideas. New ways of getting our money's worth at the counter. In the court house, at the legislature, and in our nation's Capitol.

God save the United States of America.

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