Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Time for a Change

Two years ago this Blog started with an angry title "Deregulate This!" It was a time of great anxiety and collapse. With war, recession, deficits, and despair. This week, after long months of turbulence and disagreement in the halls of government, we have an answer to one of the most urgent national issues of the last six decades. Namely, "What about the lack of access and the inequities of healthcare in America?" Congress has just passed, and the President today has signed, the Health Care Reform Act of 2010.

Other vital issues are still on the table. Financial Reform, Immigration, Unemployment, Energy and Climate. But we can hear again the voices from the 2008 Presidential Campaign. "Yes, we can!"

Action finally has been taken. We have remembered how to solve difficult problems. And so I have decided to change the name of this Blog to "Reregulate This!" Smart governmental regulations, fairly applied, can begin again to restore some faith in our future.

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