Wednesday, July 29, 2009

EVERYBODY'S Medicine is On The Line

A Summer Recess now for the U. S. Congress? With their work not yet completed on health care? Out in the precincts we hear that the House of Representatives will depart Washington this week. The Senate Leader announces that he won't bring any bill to the floor before their recess. They will vote on Judge Sotomayor next week, but that's it.

The President wants a health care bill on his desk this Summer that meets his pledge to the country. Health coverage available and affordable for all Americans. Real reform to bend costs lower over time. A public government option - along the lines of Medicare - so this marketplace has serious competition. No one will be denied coverage because of pre-existing conditions. Health care that is about healing and caring - not about profit taking and maximizing. I believe this is part of what we voted for in November.

In the Senate Judiciary Committee debate, Senator Graham, a Republican, told us that "Elections have consequences." Senator Klobuchar reminded her colleagues, "You can have your own opinions, but you can't have your own facts."

Can anyone today believe that all Americans are well served by the present health care arrangements? The national polling is clear on the public's overwhelming desire for medical coverage that includes the federal government's guarantee that basic health services will be available to everybody.

So where are we after six months with our new President? We voted him into office. Will we support him now when some of the most powerful corporations are exerting their control over their Congressmen? Flexing their lobbyists and flooding the media with stories and distortions?

My answer is plain. It is time to step up and speak against their corporate power.
It is time to vote a responsible health reform bill out of committee and into law. Before flying home and taking vacation. It is time to work harder at the public's business. All of us.

Citizens, consider doing this right now. Google Oberstar, Klobuchar, and Franken. Send them your message - by telephone, email, letter, or fax. And tell them what you want for your families in this new health care reform package.

Medicine is expensive - we are already paying a lot - all of us, in many ways. But it should be for Everybody. And we have the power - the citizenry - right now - to make it so!

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