Sunday, May 31, 2009

A Call to CHANGE Things, Again

The Weekend News is discouraging. Congress worries about escape from our maximum security prisons - if they contain foreign terrorist detainees. The ex-vice president suddenly has news coverage that only money or panic can buy. The radio leader of ditto-heads shows up on nightly TV news - to call a nominated judge racist.

Here at home, the Pawlenty peril threatens hospital, police, teacher, and fire protection layoffs; and medical coverage cancellation looms for thousands. The Governor sees all taxation alike, and it is all evil - to be vetoed wherever it rises. His preferred instrument is a dull axe. His speech is a boast - that only he can represent the five million.

Wait a minute! It is a beautiful Spring day in the Land of the Free. How did we get such leaders in Congress and Minnesota? Where is it written that we can't change things that have to be changed - and quickly?

Gasolene prices obey the "law" of supply and demand, right? I have the supplies and I demand more of your money. So, $2.49.... $2.59.....$2.69.....$2.799... going going up.

Just in time for those summer weekends and major roadtrips. The shopworn list of "explanations" is being read again by the industry spokesmen.

(Disclosure: I used to work for a subsidiary of an oil giant that paid heavily into a presidential campaign - just before corporate contributions were regulated.)

Profit maximization is at the heart of our USA economics. Only smart and effective regulation can protect us from the gougers. Yes, Government Regulation, enforced by honest elected officials.

It is time to speak up, to protest, and tell those officials what they need to do.

Let's begin with Congress. Rep. Oberstar, Sen. Klobuchar, help the President close Gitmo, ASAP. No more silliness about bombers in our backyards.

Let Dick Cheney return to Saturday Night Live where he belongs.

And Minnesotans, let Governor Pawlenty feel the pressure of our disgust with his ugly view of Minnesota's future.

Grass Roots, let's grow better!

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